Cost Benefit Study
KRADAL Flooring ™ saves money as well as injuries

A preliminary study has been completed to investigate whether the implementation of Kradal Flooring would save money as well as injuries. 

Discusssion: Under the assumptions used in the model, KRADAL Flooring would expect to result in a reduction in the number of hip fractures and other injuries while costing less overall. These results are robust to changes in many of the key parameters of the model.

Most interventions cost some amount per clinical or other desirable outcome attained. That the new technology will both result in cost savings and better outcomes makes it very desirable. That it is not dependent on compliance by the aged residents ensures no variation in effectiveness between different institutions, regardless of the cognitive status of the residents.

A limitation of this study is that in the cost analysis, it considered only hip fractures. This is because of the potential difficulty associated with assigning utility values to injuries lumped together as ‘other fractures’ or to head injuries, as these have differing severities. This therefore implies that the impact absorbent flooring actually results in more cost savings than estimated in this study.

Conclusion: KRADAL impact absorbent flooring results in cost savings across a wide range of scenarios. The fact that it does not depend on compliance on the part of the individual adds to its intuitive, and is likely to result in wide acceptance.

>> Download full report  - Cost effectiveness of impact absorbent flooring in reducing fractures among institutionalized elderly