PU Sealer Anti-slip

Product Description: 5.0 ltrs. A special 2 part polyurethane-based sealer for the long-term protection of floorings in areas with particular requirements for slip-prevention. The product forms an extremely hard-wearin sealeant film of outstanding durability. Special anti-slip additive increases slip-reduction, enabling the sealant film to be classified in evaluation group R10. Slip-reduction effect tested an approved by the employer’s liability insurance association for work safety (Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitsschutz-BGIA-) in accordance with the regulation given in BGR 181 and DIN 51130.

Areas of ApplicationPVC, linoleum and rubber floorings with a plain or slightly structured surface, including qualities with a polyurethane factory finish. Not suitable for conductive floorings.

Method of Application:  Prior to application, the floor must be thoroughly mechanically cleaned with a green or silver pad using the procedures laid down for newly laid floors or for basic cleaning operations. The floor surface must be clean and dry, free from dust, grease, oil, wax and care product residues. In the case of linoleum and other floor qualities with a removable factory protective finish, this must be removed completely.
First pour the contents of the Anti-slip additive package (330 g) into the PU sealer mat canister and carefully mix by thorough shaking. Optimal mixing is achieved by using a boring tool with mixer and sealer bucket. After mixing, add cross-linker (0.5 litre) to sealer and carefully mix both components. Room and working temperature: 15-25°C.

Roll out the mixed sealer evenly over the floor using the „Aquatop“ roller (10 mm). Commence work on the side with the main incidence of light (as a rule this is the side of the room where there is a window) and work away from the light source. In this way it will be possible to keep an eye on the floor during work and immediately correct any problems as they arise. Apply the sealer and distribute with the roller, working in sections of a maximum of 1 metre in width at right angles to the incidence of light (i.e., parallel to the window wall) and then roll it out evenly towards the light. Avoid the formation of pools. Unused sealer mix should occasionally be homogenised by shaking or stirring.

After allowing sufficient time for drying (minimum of 2 hours, however on the same day), apply a second coat of PU sealer mat, however without adding the Anti-slip additive.

The floor can be walked on if caution is used 24 hours after the application of the final sealer coating. The protective film reaches its final level of hardness after approx. 7 days at room temperature.

1)    Once mixed, the mixture of PU Sealer mat, cross-linker and additive is suitable for use for approx. 4 hours at the prescribed working temperature of 15-25°C. For this reason, only mix the quantity of sealer that can be processed within this period of time. Where sealer and cross-linker are subjected to higher temperatures, the working time is reduced considerably. In case of cold components, the mixing procedure cannot be performed with sufficient thoroughness. Do not tightly seal the canister containing ready-mixed sealer since the sealer/cross-linker mixture can, in the course of time react even in the canister resulting in the build-up of reactive gases.

2)    Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation but avoid exposure to drafts and strong sunlight during application and drying processes and protect the surface from dust. Turn off under-floor central heating in good time prior to us.

3)    For surfaces with non-removable factory-applied polyurethane treatment which are fully clean and without residue, priming of the surface with a PU silver pad to remove gloss will suffice instead of thorough cleaning, before application of sealer compound.

Consumption: 50 g = 1 m² per application

Attention: Intensively coloured products (hair colorants, coloured wound disinfectants, etc.) and plasticizer migrations (e.g., of rubber) can lead to irreversible discoloration in the sealant film, severe mechanical damage to an acceleration in wear. Evidence of abrasion may necessitate partial or full-area repair of the the sealer film.

Usually ships in: 7 days