Q: My existing vinyl floor is cold will Kradal Flooring tiles make my house warmer?

A: The tile will insulate the floor from cold rising from beneath, because of the tiles construction it will absorb warmth from the surrounding air and feel warmer because it will have taken on the ambient temperature.This may take a few days however.

Q: I live in a 2 story flat and the sound of my flat-mates walking around at night keeps me awake, will this tile reduce noise?

A: Yes, because the tile is 12mm thick and made up of microscopic hollow balls the noise of foot steps and the like are absorbed into the tile. The upper surface (even though it is quite firm) is soft enough to cushion the sound of normal walking.

Q: I need to replace my old ceramic tiled floor that is cracking up, I can see that the underlining floor is still in good condition, will I have to lift everything and start again.

A: Difficult to answer without us seeing the floor, but assuming after lifting off the old tiles that the sub-floor remains intact, it may only require a light skim with a self leveling compound. In this scenario, the surface would need to be sanded back and then all dust and loose particles removed before applying the approved adhesives. If this is not possible, you may need to start again.

Q: I have just lifted my old carpet from a bedroom and found that there is both timber tongue and groove and particle board on the floor, will I have to put down a new layer before tiling with Kradal Flooring?

A: Provided the two materials are at the same height and you sand off with 60 grit sandpaper (to take off any peaks), the Kradal Flooring tile can be laid directly to this floor without laying a secondary layer. This is a judgment call however. Because the tile is 12mm thick it will take up slight imperfections in the sub-floor, but anything over 2mm will be seen, we do have techniques that our installers use to cater for convex and concave changes in the floor surface but this is best left to our trained installers.

Q: My separate laundry floor is in good shape but the old vinyl pattern is just, old. Can I do something about it?

A: Yes, easily. Provided the old floor does not contain asbestos then it can have a light sand back with 80-100 grit sandpaper to remove any old surface treatments and dirt etc. We would then recommend wiping the entire floor surface with our propriety surface cleaner to remove any residual dust etc. Then simply install the Kradal Flooring tile with the approved adhesive and grout.

Q: I see the tile is 12mm thick, what happens at doorways or the like going from a wooden floor or vinyl, is there a lip?

A: There are a number of options to overcome the lip. We fit a standard carpet bar that caters for this step or alternatively we have our own custom designed and made transition in two different slope widths to create a more gradual transition made in the tile material. One is 50mm in width and the second is 100mm so as to allow wheelchairs or walkers to more easily ride up onto the tiled floor. We are currently investigating an additional alternative in an aluminium extruded product of 120mm width.

Q: Are the tiles slippery?

A: The flooring industry have two basic standards, they have a rating called R9 for a standard floor and R10 for wet areas. The Kradal tile meets the R9 standard and when coated with our specialised anti-slip coating it meets the industry R10 rating.

Q: Can the tile be used on a wall?

A: Yes. Just like ceramic tiles the Kradal tile can be used on walls.

Q: What tools are required to cut these tiles?

A: The Kradal tile is easily cut using a regular 'snap off' type cutting knife, the 18mm being the smallest to use. A set square is also essential to make the right angle cuts for small areas but the large rafter square is recommended for full tile width cuts. If this is not availble a solid section of aluminium for a straight edge will do. When cutting do not try and get through the full thickness in one go but make multiple cuts along the straight edge, it may take 6 to 8 cuts to go through the full thickness. Always position the tile carefully so that you do not cut directly towards your body to avoid injury should the knife slip for any reason.

Q: Do the tiles come in different sizes?

A: No. But should you have a design that does require smaller tiles simply cut them to suit. You can be creative as you like. If you feel confident create borders or lines adding tiles of different colours too.

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