KRADAL ™ Protection Flooring  tiles.

Kradal Floor Tiles: KRADAL floor tiles can be colour coordinated to almost any colour palette, currently they are available with a 'River stone' texture finish, 'standard fine' finish and a custom 'non-slip' for commercial areas. The size of a tile is 500mm x 500mm x 12mm thick (approximately 20 inch x 20 inch x 0.5 inch). 

'Standard fine' - Polyurethane texture finish with sectional
close up of 12 mm integral impact backing.

Kradal Tiles will be offered in alternate surface textures as they become available. Our R & D department are continually trialling different colouring finishes, if you have a specific finish you would like, please provide a description or an image and we will attempt to replicate it provided it does not contravene copyright or intellectual rights. For further information click here.

Riverstone - 'texture' finish

Custom textures can be tooled - based on project quantity

Sample Interiors: To see how samples look in an interior visit the photo gallery area to view the latest installations. For technical help on installation you can visit our FAQ section or contact our technical team on +64 (0)4 526 7010 . If you need a custom or bigger sample than we offer online please contact us directly.

Architectural display boards

Colour swatch range

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