Acma Industries Ltd produces a vast range of moulded polyurethane products.

+    Formulation 
+    Tooling 
+    Moulding

Acma purchases base raw materials (and pigments) and develops formulations to meet specific needs.

Acma can develop formulations and make products for:
  • healthcare
  • high resistance foams
  • semi-rigid foam
  • rigid foams
  • integral skin
  • low resilience (viscoelastic) foams
  • mattress foams
  • fire retarded foams - including graphite filled foam
  • Gels
  • In-mould application of polyurea/polyurethane elastomer's to produce waterproof/chemical resistant finish to eliminate the need to have sewn cover
  • Colour match in-mould coatings to specific customer requirements
Acma has been involved in projects from low volume production to fully automated robotic items. Our experience in formulation enables us to produce items which meet a wide range of physical properties and requirements.

Quality Assurance: Acma was accredited with International Quality ISO 9002 in 1993, it then moved on to AS/NZ ISO 9001:2000 in 2003.