KRADAL Flooring was developed as part of Acma's response to look into new formulations for impact materials in fall prevention and floor products.

KRADAL Flooring ™ is a trademark of Acma Industries Limited.

Acma produce a vast range of moulded polyurethane products for the international marketplaces of medical, seating, consumer and transportation components and has been involved in projects from low volume production to fully automated robotic items. Our experience in formulation enables us to produce items which meet a wide range of physical properties and requirements.

History: The company was established in 1978 at Upper Hutt, New Zealand, with the purpose of supplying the local furniture and motor vehicle industries with moulded polyurethane foam cushioning and integral skin headrests and armrests. With currently a much wider range of products and customers, and export sales to USA, Europe and Asia, Acma has developed into a leading international specialised manufacturer of polyurethane foam moulding.

Quality Assurance: Acma was accredited with International Quality ISO 9002 in 1993, it then moved on to AS/NZ ISO 9001:2000 in 2003.

Committment: Our commitment to achieving technical excellence, high quality standard and customer service means that we supply comfortable products that are aesthetically attractive yet functionally correct.